Why your online business will probably fail

We all like great success stories. In fact, that’s pretty much all what we focus on. We run with our crazy business ideas and we hope of the best.

However, we forget that 90% of startups fail!

I am convinced that one overwhelming reason for failure is that in building our business we underestimate the importance of customer success.

Today’s digital world is a level playing field for businesses. More than half of customers are expecting business to respond to their queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They expect this excellent support from one business to another, startups and brand names alike.

What’s more, 35% of customers use four different channels to reach companies. These can be phone, text message, live chat, email, even Twitter.

Most small business and startup just cannot afford the traditional solutions or just don’t have the resources to deal with support overhead of using dedicated tools. Providing an exceptional customer experience means streamlining the number of applications used. Most businesses are badly prepared for it.

By focusing on getting more business this startups end-up losing their existing customers and delivering poor customer experience.

My advice: looks for a simple and power customer success solution in Slack ;-)

You will be managing all your communication channels in a single app. Your life will be easier, you will be more responsive and your clients will be amazed. Last but not least: you won’t fail!

— Stan

Host of Back in America

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