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Kinga Philipps 0:06
The more profound moments for me personally was when we were in the Isles of Scilly and we did that dive and we brought up The Manilla. And then we were allowed to go to the museum and look at some of the other artifacts that were brought up from that slave wreck. And there was a beautiful rosary. My family is Roman Catholic. I came from Eastern Europe. And I pictured in my mind, the captain of this slave ship in his captain’s quarters, probably beautiful and luxurious, praying this rosary, while there were men and…

David Triebs, Chivona Renee Newsome, Majid Padellan, Jake Hoffman, Mark Charles, Richard Heinberg

Announcer Voice 0:14
Welcome to Back in America, the podcast!

Stanislas Berteloot 0:23
I’m your host, Stan Berteloot. Twenty-four years ago, I was living in Washington, D.C. and studying at the University of Maryland. In August 2016, I came back to America, this time with my family. It was just a few months before Trump’s election, I noticed how the country had changed. I believe that two major crises have determined the shape of what the country is today: the terrorist attack on 9/11 and the subprime economic crisis of 2008.

Then came Trump, a man loved by half the…

Stanislas Berteloot 0:00
Hello everyone Have you heard about back in America is live. While at the end of this episode, keep listening for quick update regarding back in America’s live interview streaming on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Thank you.

Barak Obama 0:15
If you’re tired of arguing with strangers on the internet, try talking with one of them in real life. Welcome to back in America, the podcast

Stanislas Berteloot 0:37
"COVID-19 has created a worldwide public health crisis, and the resulting lockdowns and social distancing measures have sent most country’s economies into a severe downturn. …

Barak Obama 0:00
If you’re tired of arguing with strangers on the internet, try talking with one of them in real life.

Jon 0:14
Welcome to Back in America, the podcast.

Stanislas Berteloot 0:23
This is the second episode dedicated to the George Floyd mural in Minneapolis. If you haven’t listened to episode one yet, an interview of the lead artist Cadex Herrera, I strongly recommend you do so before listening to this episode.

Hi Eric can I ask you to please introduce yourself?

Eric Marsh 0:43
So my name is Eric Marsh. I am a community activist and father…

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Jon 0:14
Welcome to back in America, the podcast.

Stanislas Berteloot 0:24
This is part one of two episodes dedicated to the drug fraud mirror. If you want to see a picture of the mural, go to the podcast website at back in America the podcast.com I am Stan Berteloot, and this is back in America. The death of George Floyd, a black man killed by a Minneapolis police officer has triggered protests against police brutality, police racism, and lack of police accountability. Three days after Floyd’s death, a group of artists painted…

About Back in America

Back in America explores the American’s identity, culture, and values.

In this podcast, journalist Stan Berteloot explores American life stories from his French perspective and questions the way we understand this nation.

​Each episode explores why and how Americans do what they do. While easy and entertaining to listen to, Stan doesn’t shy away from difficult and personal questions and explores issues from different angles and perspectives. Every topic is game; politics, social issues, climate crises, gender issues, racial issues, sex, and diversity… and everything else in-between.

Provocative ideas for inquisitive and open-minded listeners.

The Trailer

These soundbites are taken from 12…

John Michael Greer
John Michael Greer
John Michael Greer

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Hello, john,

John Michael Greer 0:13
When the pandemic is over, everyone will say, Oh, isn’t it nice to be back to normal, but it’s not quite normal and it never will be.

You also have an older set of American values that date back to the frontier period. You have the attitudes that were much more common before we became a wealthy society, we are now attitudes that focus on hard work and individualism not as a way to amass vast amount of wealth but amount…

Marina Ahun
Marina Ahun
Marina Ahun

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Stanislas Berteloot
Hello, Marina Ahun or Ahun-Babaeva, Welcome to back in America.

Marina Ahun
Thank you.

Stanislas Berteloot
Marina, you are an artist and I would like you to tell me about your art. How would you describe your art style

Marina Ahun
I have different art styles different. I move back and forth between two styles: realistic presentation of subject matter and abstract, and between two mediums.

When I’m looking for urban street scenes that will become a realistic painting, I use watercolor. When I do abstract painting, I use oil. And I have…

Cecilia Birge
Cecilia Birge
Cecilia Birge

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While President Trump has been calling the Coronavirus the Chinese virus and while the US is facing unprecedented protests against police violence and racial discrimination, Back in America is examining how these events have affected the Chinese Community.

In this episode, I speak with Cecilia Birge a former Montgomery, NJ mayor, a form bond analyst on Wall Street, now a head coach and a member of the Princeton High School Speech and Debate Team.
Cecilia shares her experience organizing fundraising with the Chinese community to help local first responders.
For us, she revisits her childhood in…

Stanislas Berteloot

Host of Back in America

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